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Q&A with Sinead Persaud and Sairus Graham SATURDAY June 21, 3pm Pacific Time

We had so much fun chatting with Mary Kate and Sean from the first chapter of Kissing in the Rain that we thought we should definitely do a Q&A with the stars from the second chapter. Sinead and Sairus starred in the 5 final episodes of Shipwrecked Comedy’s Kissing in the Rain. You may also recognize Sinead as Lenore from A Tell Tale Vlog.

If you want to join the hangout live, use the hashtag #joinSnS on twitter and be sure to follow us so we can DM you the link to join! Read this post for more details on the process.

If you can’t or don’t want to join on video, but still have questions, use #askSnS on twitter, or ask your questions in the Youtube comments during the stream- we’ll do our best to get to as many of them as possible!

See you on Saturday, 6/21, 3pm PDT! [What time is that for me?]

The livestream will be found here on Saturday. 

A message from scijoy
Hello. You guys are google hangout masters. I am trying to launch a channel where I interview scientists and engineers and have classrooms or homeschooled families or other interested people who can't usually talk to people in these careers join the conversation. Could give me tips for running such a well oiled hangout. How do you set up the greenroom? What instructions do you send to your guests? What are some pitfalls to avoid or general advice? Anything would be helpful. Love your channel.

Oh hello its so good to see you! Not that I can actually see you… Anyway thanks so much for this message we appreciate the tip of your cap. Okay it’s 3am and I’m replying, excuse my poorly executed cliches. We’ve actually put an awful lot of work creating a hangout experience that we’re really proud of so I’m happy to share it with you. A little backstory for those who are just tuning in, we realised as Seahorses that we might be able to get some of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries cast to join us for convention-like Q&A session for lots of other Seahorses/LBD fans using G+ hangouts and we figured the best way to that was to do it as efficiently as possible. Here’s an image illustrating what a Seahorse Q&A looks like behind the scenes:


Of course the first one didn’t look exactly like this but we perfected this over time and now we’re really happy with how this works. Recently we did Seahorse Q&A hangouts for the webseries Kissing in the Rain and as that fandom is a smaller than the Lizzie Bennet Diaries we were able to streamline a little with the Scout and Verifier; performed by the same person for the hangout I was present for at least, with a single Greg. 

Very early on we realised that three positions absolutely essential, the MC, the Tech Mod and the Green Room Mod. The MC needs to focus on the how the broadcast is running and keeping the guest (often slightly nervous actors) happy, whilst the tech mod needs to make sure all is running smoothly behind the scenes. The fans who are selected to ask questions (based on twitter requests) are granted access to the green room where they are prepared (how it will go, what to expect, what behaviour is appropriate, what to do if something happens, etc) this is the role I often perform and its best to have someone with Producer-like skills, who is understanding and patient but ultimately has no problems being a little bit bossy. Fans move from the green room to the main hangout in waves, they are given the direct link to the main hangout and instructed not to share it otherwise we may cease the Q&A. As a safety precaution the green room mod always tells the tech mod who to expect so if anyone were to bypass the green room they would not be unmuted and would be promptly removed. I can proudly say that this has never happened and our fellow fans have always behaved with the utmost respect for the Q&A process. Fans are told to read the chat in the side of the hangout as it is not visible in broadcast and will receive instructions from the mods regarding when to expect your question and when your turn is up. After a couple hangouts we decided to restrict fans from saying goodbye verbally in the hangout as it is very slow for those who are streaming or watching later. Fans will generally always type a goodbye as they leave. This did feel a little awkward at first but we quickly realised that its for the best.

Once we had experienced some success a couple Seahorses realised we could improve the process by creating a Google docs spreadsheet. Behind the scenes Seahorses are able to enter fan questions and log: the type of question, who they’re directed at, where they came from, when they’ve been asked, etc. It’s all very organised and I’m very impressed with it but I cannot say too much about it as I’ve never been directly involved with the spreadsheet. I will say that it’s pretty amazing watching the team of people logging and sorting data and the MC being able to efficiently retrieve questions without hassle. If you want to know more about this process feel free to shoot us another question.

What we really try to do when making these Q&As is:

  1. Do our best to ensure that the people streaming and communicating with us live feel that they’re being heard and are involved in the process. Fan participation includes, joining a wave, tweeting at  or writing a YouTube comment.
  2. Pick a wide variety of questions and do our best to ensure that as much of a wide variety of the fandom is involved as possible.
  3. Make sure that the actual livestream is entertaining, interesting and largely watchable whether or not you’re watching live or later. We didn’t want to prioritise the people asking their questions as they’re in minority to the people watching. Our number one priority is to provide quality content for the entire fandom not just those who were involved on the day.

Honestly I’m really proud of the work we’ve put into these hangouts and I truly do think we’ve created quality content. Should anyone wish to watch and of the past hangouts they’re all available at our YouTube channel. I could say so much more about the process and I’m sure if another Seahorse wrote this they would have prioritised other parts. Feel free to send us more questions or thoughts regarding the Q&As, and to any other fans reading this, if you’ve got something you’d like to share or make happen feel free to send us as message at any time.

This was written after 3am by a sleepy Sarah, please excuse any mistakes or inaccuracies. 

Q&A with Mary Kate Wiles and Sean Persaud SUNDAY May 18th, 4:30pm Pacific Time



Who’s watched the first chapter of Kissing in the Rain? Did you read the fancanon? Did you celebrate Edgar’s birthday this year? Maybe you’ve been watching I Didn’t Write This

If you have, you’ve seen the awesome duo that is Mary Kate and Sean working together. We’re excited to get to chat with them about all their recent projects. 

If you want to join the hangout live, use the hashtag #joinMKSean on twitter and be sure to follow us so we can DM you the link to join! Read this post for more details on the process.

If you can’t or don’t want to join on video, but still have questions, use #askMKSean on twitter, or ask your questions in the Youtube comments during the stream- we’ll do our best to get to as many of them as possible!

See you on Sunday, 5/18, 4:30pm PDT! [What time is that for me?]

Q&A with Yulin Kuang SATURDAY May 17th, 2pm Pacific Time



We’ve been hinting at it for a while now, and we’re thrilled to officially announce a Q&A with Yulin Kuang, writer/director/producer extraordinaire, and 1/3 of the team at Shipwrecked Comedy. She’s brought us A Tell Tale Vlog, Kissing in the Rain, I Didn’t Write This, and more.

Our Q&A’s provide a chance for you to come face to face (virtually) with creators and actors you love, and pick their brain with whatever questions you might have. 

If you want to join the hangout to ask Yulin a question in person, just use the hashtag #joinYulin on twitter, and be sure to follow us so we can send you a DM to the hangout link. For more detailed information on how to join, read this

If you are unable or don’t wish to join the hangout, but still have questions, ask away using #askYulin on twitter. You can also ask questions in the Youtube comments during the livestream- we will be monitoring both places for questions during the hangout. 

Can’t wait to see you at 2pm PDT, this Saturday, 5/17! [What time is that for me?]


This weekend it’s all things Shipwrecked! Join us as we chat with 2/3 of the team behind Shipwrecked Comedy and 1/2 of the actors in one of our favorite new series, Kissing in the Rain (and you know, all those other projects Yulin uses them for…)

Want to Join a Q&A Hangout?


A Q&A is no fun without fans to give Q’s to A! 

If you want to join one of the seahorses Q&A hangouts, you will need to be listed as 18 or older on your G+ profile to be able to enter the broadcast stream per google policy. You will need a working mic and camera so that we can all hear and see you in the stream, headphones to help decrease feedback noise, and obviously an internet connection. You will only be able to join through a computer, not through the mobile G+ app (because you will need to be able to see the chat for technical reasons).

To be considered, tweet your question using the hashtag #Join____. This hashtag is ONLY for people who will be available to join the stream on the scheduled day (and throughout the duration of the stream).

We will be DMing links starting 15-30 minutes before the broadcast time and then throughout the broadcast until we’re out of time. We will tweet people with the interesting questions or questions that we feel will provide meaningful answers for everyone watching the stream first, but depending on time and interest, anyone will have the chance to join.

At this time we need everyone interested in joining to contact us via twitter USING THE HASHTAG. You also must be following @theSeahorses on twitter, so that we can DM you the link. If you don’t have a twitter account, it takes just a few minutes to set up.

You can start tweeting now, or wait until the day of. Just be sure to use the hashtag!

If selected, you will be DM’d a link to the greenroom. In the green room, a moderator will go over technical details, check your mic, check your question, teach you how to mute yourself for typing, how to set up a lower third, etc. Please read this post explaining the hangout instructions and guidelines in more detail. A lot of the information in that post will be covered by the Greenroom Mod when you join, but if you want to be ahead of the game, read up!