Want to Join a Q&A Hangout?

A Q&A is no fun without fans to give Q’s to A! 

If you want to join one of the seahorses Q&A hangouts, you will need to be listed as 18 or older on your G+ profile to be able to enter the broadcast stream per google policy. You will need a working mic and camera so that we can all hear and see you in the stream, headphones to help decrease feedback noise, and obviously an internet connection. You will only be able to join through a computer, not through the mobile G+ app (because you will need to be able to see the chat for technical reasons).

To be considered, tweet your question using the hashtag #Join____. This hashtag is ONLY for people who will be available to join the stream on the scheduled day (and throughout the duration of the stream).

We will be DMing links starting 15-30 minutes before the broadcast time and then throughout the broadcast until we’re out of time. We will tweet people with the interesting questions or questions that we feel will provide meaningful answers for everyone watching the stream first, but depending on time and interest, anyone will have the chance to join.

At this time we need everyone interested in joining to contact us via twitter USING THE HASHTAG. You also must be following @theSeahorses on twitter, so that we can DM you the link. If you don’t have a twitter account, it takes just a few minutes to set up.

You can start tweeting now, or wait until the day of. Just be sure to use the hashtag!

If selected, you will be DM’d a link to the greenroom. In the green room, a moderator will go over technical details, check your mic, check your question, teach you how to mute yourself for typing, how to set up a lower third, etc. Please read this post explaining the hangout instructions and guidelines in more detail. A lot of the information in that post will be covered by the Greenroom Mod when you join, but if you want to be ahead of the game, read up!

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