Broadcast Q&A Rules

If you are planning on trying to join one of our broadcast Q&A’s featuring different cast or crew members of the LBD, it is important that everyone is on their best behaviour so that the LBD cast/crew are respected and the stream remains appropriate for all viewers.

Everyone who is selected to enter the hangout must pass through the Green Room, this is a separate hangout that checks everyone’s technical settings, their questions and makes sure everyone is comfortable to participate, this is the link the Scout sends out and it is within the Green Room that everyone receives the link to join in with the cast/crew.

In order to participate you need to understand:

  1. This is a recorded public broadcast and you will be included in the recording.
  2. You must have headphones, a microphone (inbuilt is fine) and a webcam. All of this will be checked in the green room hangout.
  3. To be given access to the Green Room you need to Tweet a question to the selectedtwitter hashtag (posted on  @theLBDseahorses), you will be sent it via a Twitter direct message. You need to be following the Seahorses Twitter account to receive this message.
  4. Be respectful in the hangout, try your best not to talk over other people and keep things PG (avoid swearing). Also, please keep your voice at a normal volume as everyone is wearing headphones.
  5. We like to say “The Seahorses are Switzerland,” meaning we don’t take sides on any fan opinions. You’re entitled to express your opinion but know that you might be talking to someone who feels differently. Please respect that we all think differently and treat others as you wish to be treated. 
  6. There will be a chat that cannot be seen in the public broadcast, watch this chat because the moderators will issue instructions from it. Instructions could be to tell you when your turn is about to end, if your behaviour needs modifying, etc. Do not read this chat out loud, it is part of managing the discussion, not part of the discussion.
  7. If you have to be warned about your behaviour more than once your turn will end. I know this is tough but we aim to promote positive fan interaction with the LBD cast and crew so hopefully we can do this again.
  8. Please no discussion/tweets/hashtags/comments/questions/etc concerning real person shipping, this makes the cast and crew very uncomfortable. Also, please refrain from asking the guest extremely personal questions.
  9. When you first enter the main hangout you will be hidden from view, the MC or Technical moderator will tell you when you’re in view and when you can ask your question so please be patient.
  10. Please do not say goodbye, yes this does feel strange but if everyone says goodbye it takes a lot of time which is unfair on the people waiting to come in and the people watching online.
  11. If your internet connection drops during your turn that’s a real shame but we’re sorry you cannot come back, someone else is having a turn now.
  12. You will only have one turn, if you try to come back after your turn you will be blocked.
  13. If you enter because someone else gave you entry you will immediately be blocked, we know who is entering in each wave and anyone not following the rules ruins the fun for everyone. Remember we are doing our best and if you really want to come in ask us using the designated Twitter hashtag.
  14. If a moderator mutes you this is most likely because of background noise when you are not talking. You can unmute yourself if you want to speak or if you think you have fixed the problem. Please don’t take it personally if you’re muted, we’re trying to make this a positive experience for everyone watching the stream.
  15. Please try to mute yourself before you type excessively in the chat.
  16. Please create a lower third in the main broadcast so those viewing can know your name. This can include your name or alias, and your twitter or tumblr handle if you want to display that. If you don’t know how to create a lower third, the greenroom mod can help guide you.

If you’re reading this from inside the Green Room, everyone will practice their questions now, try including your name when you do this, for example: Hi, I’m Sarah from Australia and I wanted to ask…” Also we know how formal and organised this communication is but if you have follow up thoughts after your question is asked you’re welcome/encouraged to express them, as long as you’re trying to be courteous you’ll do fine.

The Seahorses community is open to everyone if you have feedback on this list you are more than welcome to let us know. Keep in mind whether or not this is a success is up to everyone, from the people watching from youtube (the link will be posted from @theLBDseahorses), to the people interacting on twitter and to the people in the hangout, we need everyone’s cooperation to make this work!

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