Q&A with Ashley AND Daniel, SATURDAY, March 23rd, 5pm PDT


Want to find out how to participate?

That’s right, we are hosting a Q&A with Ashley Clements and Daniel Vincent Gordh. Can you believe it? Neither can I! Lizzie and Darcy are finally getting together on the show, and Ashley and Daniel can’t wait to answer all your questions about working on the show and embodying such beloved characters.

We anticipate many of you will want to join to ask Ashley and Daniel a question in the hangout, and that’s *awesome*. For the chance to join, you will tweet using #joinAshDan, with your question. Because we anticipate a lot of interest, we will be choosing based off of questions we think will have the most interesting or meaningful responses first. As always, anyone will have a chance to join, and we’ll get as many people through as possible, but be aware that everyone might not get this chance. If you plan on joining, you should read this post giving more detail on the process so you don’t run into any glitches day of. If chosen, you will be DM’d a link to join a greenroom hangout, so be sure to be following our twitter.

Because not everyone can or wants to join the livestream, we will of course be taking questions from the #askAshDan hashtag on twitter, and from the YT comments. You can start tweeting your questions now, and we’ll have several people monitoring them to forward on to the MC.

As always, the hangout will stream live on our youtube, and you will be able to watch the entire broadcast after the fact if you can’t be there during that time.

See you Saturday at 5pm PDT (Los Angeles time). That’s Midnight GMT (I know it’s late, Europe, but we are limited by the actors’ schedules! At least it’s not a weeknight!) and 11am Sunday morning in Australia (NSW & VIC).

(If you really want to join the hangout, it is best to be prepared, so please read this post, and this post with guidelines for even extra preparation. If you’ve never used a google plus hangout before, it might be a good idea to trial starting one on your own to make sure your browser and internet can handle it. Usually chrome is the best browser to use.)

PS. there’s a higher chance for getting your question chosen to be asked in the broadcast or getting DM’d the greenroom link the sooner you tweet using the hashtag- so start tweeting now!!

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    Reminder: This is happening today. To join, tweet your question to #joinAshDan and if you’re chosen you’ll be dm’d a...
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    Reminder: This is happening today. To join, tweet your question to #joinAshDan and if you’re chosen you’ll be dm’d a...
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